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The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won't.

Downton Abbey’s Lady Sybil Shows Wild Side

Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown-Findlay has revealed her wilder side in her debut feature film, Albatross.

The actress, 22, who plays Lady Sybil Crawley the hit ITV drama has ditched her corset to play a teen rebel in the low-budget Brit flick.

Speaking to Sky News’ Eamonn Holmes she admitted struggling writer Emelia is “very different” to Lady Sybil.

Brown-Findlay said: “She’s got that same guts that Sybil has – just in a much more overtly obvious way, she’s ballsy.

“She doesn’t have a filter system – if she thinks something, she says it. She doesn’t have that restraint that Sybil has.”

Filmed in the Isle of Man in just six weeks, Albatross is released later this month.

The coming-of-age comedy drama sees Brown-Findlay’s character take a job as a cleaner in a seaside hotel owned by a middle-aged author and his wife.

Emelia becomes friends with the couple’s daughter Beth, but has an affair with Beth’s father due to their shared love of books.

Brown-Findlay also suggested her Downton character was something of a rebel considering the time in which she lived.

“She feels the weight of the restraints of the times and being a woman but also believes it is not going to be like that forever.”

“She’s quite brave in that she is able to think forward,” she added.

Last month Downton Abbey, created by Julian Fellowes, won four gongs at the Emmy Awards, including best supporting actress for Dame Maggie Smith.

“Albatross” – Special Screening

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  • Jessica Brown Findlay Twitter Takeover

    By Charlotte Duck

    Hello everyone – Hope you enjoyed episode 3 [of Downton Abbey] last night but get ready for a totally different character in @albatross_movie

    @DowntonAbbey1 How does your role in @Albatross_movie differ?

    It’s different though they are both headstrong. She [Jessica's character in Albatross] is more promiscuous.

    @AshleySykesTW Who’s your biggest inspiration?

    There’s actors I admire but my mum because she’s optimist & a brave woman

    @JennSelby What does feminism mean to you in real life?

    It gets a bad wrap but it shouldn’t cos women should be equal – it’s not a bad thing to be a feminist. It doesn’t mean you hate men.

    @DowntonAbbey1 If you could play any downstairs character, who would it be?

    O’Brien! I’d like to be mean & she’s so complex. I also love Daisy but I could never play her.

    @DowntonAbbey1 What was the audition process like for Downton Abbey?

    Compared to #albatross short. I went in & read for Sybil & then got called back.

    @AliceBanks Do you love the clothes that you get to wear?

    Costume really helps – I like being able to transform physically as an actor.

    @FarahHolemans What’s your favorite dish?

    My grandma’s spaghetti meatballs. My dad recently gave me the recipe.

    @RannahHannah What’s your favourite aspect of Sybil’s character?

    Her ability to stand by her beliefs even if that means sacrificing something else.

    @hope_prince I’ll be seeing Albatross. What can I expect?

    Laughter, tears & a 21st century Sybil who’s forgotten the rules.

    @InspiredByRob What career would you be in if you were not an actress?

    A painter with a little prospects & a bad barmaid.

    @AliceBanks Are you anything like Sybil?

    No. I’ve come from a different background but I’m stubbornly independent. She’s braver!

    @VickyAnnRodgers If you could have any actor join the Downton cast who would it be?

    Richard Gere wants to be in it! Brill! Joanna Lumley too.

    @FarahHolemans Is there gonna be a third season of Downton Abbey?

    I haven’t heard – I would love it. Get the ankles out in the 20s!

    @Meredithk_TW If you could portray Sybil in another era what would it be and why?

    Sybil in the 60s! She would be great.

    @DowntonAbbey1 What’s been your favourite scene to film in Downton?

    Any scene with my sisters is my favourite to do.

    @JennSelby Have you learned how to make a cup of tea yet?

    Yes! I’ve been told I make a very good brew.

    @JennSelby What research did you have to do for Downton?

    I went to the Imperial War Museum & looked at nurses’ letters.

    @Meredithk_TW: Which sister would you say Sybil is closer too?

    Mary & Sybil have a nice relationship so Mary.

    @lhammo1 How would you describe your style?

    Very laid back & comfort’s a big thing. Quirky.

    @FarahHolemans Who’s your fave musician/band?

    George Harrison & Bon Iver – I listened to it while filming @Albatross_movie.

    @AliceBanks Where is your favourite place to visit?

    If I have a day off my fave place to be is Soho. To visit – NY.

    Thanks for your great questions. @Albatross_movie is out on Friday 14th October – go see it! It’s good fun!


    Sunday Express S (UK) – October 2, 2011

  • Scans: Sunday Express S (UK) – October 2, 2011, big thanks to Lorna
  • Jessica Brown-Findlay enters “Labyrinth”

    BERLIN — John Hurt and Sebastian Stan (“Captain America: The First Avenger”) are toplining “The Labyrinth,” the TV adaptation of Kate Mosse’s medieval bestseller about a quest for the Holy Grail.

    British helmer Christopher Smith (“Black Death”) is directing the four-hour event miniseries, which tells two connected stories set 800 years apart — that of a modern-day archaeologist who makes a startling discovery in a cave in the south of France, and that of a young woman living in nearby Carcassonne in 1209. A stronghold of the outlawed Cathar Christians, the city becomes a military target after the Catholic Church declares the sect heretical.

    Adrian Hodges (“Primeval”) is penning the series, a German-South African co-production between Tandem Communications, Scott Free Films and Film Afrika Worldwide in association with Universal Production Partners.

    Set for delivery in summer 2012, “Labyrinth” was commissioned by Germany’s Sat.1 and the U.K.’s Channel 4. Other partnering networks include Spain’s Quatro, Austria’s ORF and France’s M6. Also on board are NBC Universal Home Entertainment and Germany’s Koch Media.

    “The elements we’ve put together on ‘Labyrinth’ build on our strategy to create primetime event programs with cinematic values that work internationally: a worldwide bestselling book, a top writer for the adaptation, a cinematic director and an outstanding cast,” said Tim Halkin, exec producer and Tandem’s co-managing director.

    Exec producer Ridley Scott of Scott Free added, “I’m very excited about the collaboration of two incredibly strong artists on this project: putting Adrian Hodges and Chris Smith’s talents together has become explosively exciting. We’re entering into principal photography with a film that you can already ‘see’ on the page.”

    Also set to star are Janet Suzman, Jessica Brown-Findlay (“Downton Abbey”), Vanessa Kirby (“Great Expectations”), Katie McGrath (“Merlin”), Emun Elliott (“Game of Thrones”) and Claudia Gerini.

    “Labyrinth” will begin principal photography in October in Carcassonne and in the Aude Cathar country in the south of France and later move to South Africa.

    Mosse’s novel has been published in more than 38 languages, making both the New York Times hardcover and paperback bestseller lists, as well as becoming the U.K.’s bestselling fiction title of 2006.


    Glamour UK – Q&A with Jessica Brown Findlay on Twitter

    Jessica Brown Findlay, star of #DowntonAbbey & @Albatross_Movie, is answering Twitter Qs on 3rd Oct. Get Qs in early using #AskJessica

    Source: @GlamourMagUK

    Sunday Times Culture Scans & More

  • Scans: Sunday Times Culture (UK) – September 25, 2011, big thanks to Lorna
  • Scans: Sunday Express (UK) – September 25, 2011, big thanks to Lorna
  • Scans: Sunday Telegraph Seven (UK) – September 25, 2011, big thanks to Lorna
  • Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes
  • Sneeze pops Sybil’s faulty corset in “Downton Abbey”

    By Peter Robertson

    TO THE sorrow of Lady Sybil’s growing legion of male fans it’s a scene that will never be seen on TV: the heiress bursting out of her corset.

    Jessica Brown Findlay, 21, who plays the free-spirited aristocrat in Downton Abbey, reveals: “I had really bad hay fever and was sitting in my trailer when I sneezed and burst my corset of the evening dress I was wearing.

    “It went ‘Pooowww!’ I came out in a dressing-gown looking really guilty and one of the runners said: ‘Oh my God, what have you done?’ “My corset had to be sewn on at the speed of lightning because I was in the next scene.”

    Michele Dockery, 30, her screen sister Lady Mary Crawley, says: “We’re very lucky, we have our corsets made for us so they’re not as uncomfortable as you would think, but we tread on each other’s skirts quite a lot.”


    Interview: Jessica Brown-Findlay

    By Teddy Jamieson
    26 Sep 2011

    It is hardly a revelation that an actress is unlike the characters she plays, but for Jessica Brown-Findlay, the gap between the roles and the reality is a chasm.

    It’s fair to say Jessica Brown-Findlay makes an impression when she first appears in her new film Albatross.

    Asked by a shopkeeper to prove she’s old enough to buy the bottle of wine, she gives him a look, pulls up her top and flashes her breasts. This afternoon in Edinburgh the actor is a little more demure. A shy hello and a quick handshake is all I get. Well, it is Sunday and I haven’t got any wine to hand. Read full story »

    “Downton Abbey” Episode 2.2 Screen Captures

    Check out the gallery for screen captures from yesterday’s episode of Downton Abbey!

    Gallery Update

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  • Downton Abbey: Production Stills

    Downton Abbey airs in the UK on Sunday on ITV1 at 9pm British Time, which is 3pm US CST / 4PM EST. The show will air in the US in January on PBS.

  • The Herald Magazine (UK) – September 24, 2011

    When injury forced Jessica Brown Findlay to give up her promising ballet career she was bereft. For solace, she turned to acting. Now she’s starring in Downton Abbey and trying to decide what to wear for the premiere of her first film.

    Lady Sybil’s not the main character in Downton Abbey — but is the actress who plays her, Jessica Brown Findlay on her way to becoming Downton‘s breakout star? As well as the lead role in new Britflick Albatross, Brown Findlay has been cast in Black Mirror, the Channel 4 miniseries created by Charlie Brooker. She’ll appear with Julia Davis, Rupert Everett and Daniel Kaluuya in Brooker’s story about a future world where a TV talent show is the only way out of enforced drudgery.

    Black Mirror comes to C4 this autumn.

  • Scans: The Herald Magazine (UK) – September 24, 2011, big thanks to Lorna
  • “Downton Abbey” Episode 2.1 Screen Captures

    Screen captures from the first episode of Downton Abbey 2.1 have been added to the gallery. I loved the first episode and can’t wait to find out what happens with Sybil next week!

    “Downton Abbey” In The Press

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  • “Downton Abbey” Emmy Wins

    Not only did Downton Abbey celebrate the premiere its season two premiere today, it also snagged Outstanding Miniseries or Movie at the Primetime Emmy Awards. The series was a big winner tonight! Congratulations to all our Downton winners!

    The final awards handed out at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards were for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie, Outstanding Drama Series, and Outstanding Comedy Series.

    The award for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie went to Downton Abbey, which was featured on PBS Masterpiece. The second season of the program began airing on Britain’s ITV Sunday evening and is expected to air in the United States in January. The program also won Outstanding Supporting Actress for Maggie Smith, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Writing. The first season currently streams on Netfilx.


    AllSaints Not For Sale – Launch Party

    Harry Treadaway and Jessica Brown Findlay attended the AllSaints ‘Not For Sale’ Launch Party at One Marylebone on September 17, 2011 in London, England.

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  • Jessica Brown-Findlay on Radio 5 (Richard Bacon) today

    Available HERE since today with 7 days left.

    Thanks Lorna for the heads-up.

    Lots of “Downton Abbey” Related Scans

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  • Glamour (UK) – October 2011

    Look, no bonnets — Ditching the corsets (and giving Glamour all the gossip), it’s the stars of Downton Abbey as you’ve never seen them before.

  • Scans: Glamour (UK) – October 2011, thanks to Lorna
  • “Downton Abbey” cast make whoopee

    Jessica Brown Findlay, the Downton Abbey star, says the cast got demob happy towards the end of filming the new series and had some fun placing a whoopee cushion beneath each other.

    Happily, Dame Maggie Smith was not subjected to such japes. “You just don’t do that to her,” the actress told me at the V Festival in Chelmsford.

    She was a guest in Virgin Media’s luxurious Louder Lounge along with Tom Watson, Labour’s own witchfinder general. I trust all the hospitality will be declared.