On the next Downton Abbey
The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won't.

Sunday Times Styles (UK) – February 26, 2012

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Jessica Findlay-Brown eats pies to prepare for pregnancy scenes

DOWNTON Abbey beauty Jessica Findlay-Brown is getting in the mood for her character to have a baby — by gorging on pies.

Lady Sybil wed Irish chauffeur Branson last year and her pregnancy was announced in the Christmas special of the hit ITV1 drama.

The third series, screened later this year, will focus on her and the baby.

Jessica said: “I am eating lots of pies in preparation. I am taking my role very seriously.

“I have watched Call The Midwife and it has made me absolutely terrified.”

She promised that the new series will be just as dramatic as the previous two.

She said: “It has got some killer moments in it.

“I’m so excited to be back with everyone because we all get on so well together.”


Jessica: I get red carpet jitters

Jessica Brown Findlay has confessed that “even the red carpet” leaves her starstruck at showbiz events.

The actress works alongside stars such as Dame Maggie Smith and has an audience of millions on Downton Abbey, but premieres and awards dos still give her the jitters.

The 22-year-old, who attended the Baftas last week, said: “It is completely nerve-wracking. To say it wasn’t would be lying, massively, they are scary… Awards are kind of surreal and it’s just amazing to be invited.

“Even the red carpet starts making me go, ‘Wow!’ Just as I was getting out of my car at the Baftas, George Clooney just got out of his car, which was wonderful, because it massively took the pressure off me, and I could just run up the carpet.”

Jessica will be joined on the next series of Downton by US star Shirley MacLaine, who will play her character Lady Sybil’s maternal grandmother.

“I haven’t met her yet, I’m really excited to meet her, and probably a little bit nervous, I should be I suppose, I should be nervous about that,” Jessica said.

“There’ll be cat fights all over the place (between Shirley and Dame Maggie),” she teased. “No, I’m really excited, it’s going to be wonderful to have those two hugely established actors together.”

Jessica remained tight-lipped about what lies in store for Lady Sybil and her new husband Branson.

“They’re just a really beautiful couple and I’m so glad it worked out for them. I’m really excited to go through all the scripts and see what will happen to them,” she added.


‘Downton Abbey’s’ Allen Leech on Branson and Jessica Brown Findlay

What is your relationship like with Jessica Brown Findlay (Sybil) on the set?

“We laugh a lot, sometimes too much and we get in trouble. she corpses very easily (thats laughing during a take)”

Are you happy that Branson finally gets to kiss Sybil?

“YES!!! It took long enough. In the story Branson has to be the most patient man IN THE WORLD! No wonder he spent so long polishing the Car Horn…… ahem”


Albatross’s Jessica Brown Findlay Talks Style & Kate Middleton

If you don’t know the name Jessica Brown Findlay, commit it to memory now. The 22-year-old actress is best known for her role as the vaaaaary posh Lady Sybil Crawley in Downton Abbey, but now, audiences will see her donning a Princess Leia wig – along with that gold bikini – for her film debut in Albatross. Take it from us, the film sees her behaving pretty badly – think bosom-flashing and flings with the father of her best friend, who’s played by Felicity Jones. So Grazia Daily thought it high time to have a chat with the rising star, about her latest role, her sartorial choices and a certain Duchess of Cambridge…

Grazia Daily: You’re quite a girl’s girl in how you dress so what did you make of Emilia’s punky style?

Jessica Brown Findlay: Emilia’s adorable in the sense that she just throws stuff together and demands to be looked at. She doesn’t seem to realise that she’s wearing every single colour under the sun and not the most appropriate footwear! It was really fun playing her and I loved her leather jacket, I didn’t want to give it back!

Grazia Daily: Did you end up buying your own leather jacket?

Jessica Brown Findlay: I did, yes! She inspired me to buy one myself from The Kooples.

Grazia Daily: You dress up as Princess Leia in the film. What would be your fancy dress of choice?

Jessica Brown Findlay: Something from the 1920s. I’d go as a flapper girl.

Grazia Daily: Who’s your favourite designer?

Jessica Brown Findlay: I absolutely adore Alessandra Rich, I think her dresses are stunning and she really knows how to cut and dress the female shape. Her stuff is really beautiful, stylish and a little bit quirky. I love it all!

Grazia Daily: What would be your dream red carpet dress?

Jessica Brown Findlay: Something really comfortable that made me feel a little bit cool because I’m not [laughs] but in general, something understated and black! I constantly wear black and grey but I’m starting to think about wearing a little more colour…

Grazia Daily: You recently met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What was Kate like?

Jessica Brown Findlay: She was lovely. They seem very happy and very in love. Kate was very sweet and it’s ridiculous how beautiful she is!

Grazia Daily: Are they avid fans of Downton Abbey?

Jessica Brown Findlay: They said that they’d heard of Downton so who knows if they tune in on a Sunday! I love the idea that they do though, that’d be hilarious!

Grazia Daily: What do you think of Kate’s style?

Jessica Brown Findlay: She just gets it right all the time. She dresses beautifully but she still looks like a young woman. It doesn’t look too put together and still looks really natural. She’s such a lovely confident girl – I can’t imagine having to look brilliant every single day, but she does!

Grazia Daily: What’s your tip for preparing for a premiere?

Jessica Brown Findlay: I do my own make-up and quite often I do my own hair for premieres as I just prefer to go feeling like myself as much as possible. My main tip would be to have a big lunch as you usually have to wait a very long time for dinner. And line your stomach – that would be my mum’s tip!

Grazia Daily: You’ve got Labyrinth coming up – can you tell us a little bit about that?

Jessica Brown Findlay: We filmed Labyrinth in South Africa for two and a half months and it was just the most unbelievable experience. Lots of sword fighting, mud in hair and lots of weeping! It’s very different from Downton because I was going to work and having mud put in my hair – it’s the other extreme of the look!

Grazia Daily: Felicity Jones is becoming quite the style crush, who would you say your style crush is?

Jessica Brown Findlay: My style icons would be people like Brigitte Bardot and old Hollywood actresses who always look so stunning, cool and chic. I like classic and timeless looks.

Grazia Daily: Is that how you’d describe your style?

Jessica Brown Findlay: I just throw stuff on in the morning but a good red brogue and a nice shirt are all you need. I’m obsessed with shirts and a good brogue. I like to accessorise shirts with a little ribbon tied round my collar or a country style ascot. I’ve also sewed little hearts on some of my sleeves which I’ve done for years because I always wear my heart on my sleeve so if you see a little embroidered heart on my clothes, that’s why!

Albatross is available on DVD on 6 February.


Orange British Academy Film Awards 2012

- Orange British Academy Film Awards 2012 – Arrivals
- Orange British Academy Film Awards 2012 – Press Room
- Orange British Academy Film Awards 2012 – After Party

Jessica Brown Findlay: Orange British Academy Film Awards Red Carpet

by Bettina Palileo

Jessica Brown Findlay, or Lady Sybil as Downton Abbey viewers know her, attended the 2012 BAFTAs at the Royal Opera House in London. On February 12, the Masterpiece Classic star walked the red carpet with the likes of Harry Potter actors Daniel Radcliffe, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Bonnie Wright.

The Albatross actress went for volume on the red carpet. Jessica picked a gown from her favorite designer Alessandra Rich. Her Fall 2011 dress had a demure neckline, long sleeves, and a ball gown skirt. The black taffeta gown’s only revealing detail was a lace back. The belted waist gave some definition to the otherwise austere gown. A matching black clutch and a wavy updo completed Jessica’s BAFTA Awards attire.

Jessica Brown Findlay favors modest, covered-up dresses which call to mind an era, even older than the Downton Abbey setting. While such dresses do look beautiful, Jessica’s lovely figure would be better flattered by something with a more open, face-framing neckline.

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Us Weekly (USA) – February 13, 2012

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Kijak’s Smiths comedy attracts hot young cast including Jessica Brown-Findlay

10 February, 2012 | By Wendy Mitchell

EXCLUSIVE: Shoplifters of the World to be directed by Stephen Kijak and produced by Lorianne Hall.

Rising stars Jessica Brown-Findlay (Downton Abbey), James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom), Jeremy Allen White (Shameless’ US version) and Thomas Brodie Sangster (Death of a Superhero)have signed on for the ensemble comedy Shoplifters of the World, to be directed by Stephen Kijak.

The film is set in 1987, based on true events when an American man was devastated by the breakup of The Smiths and broke into a heavy metal radio station, taking the DJ hostage and demanding that he play non-stop Smiths songs. The film is about the gunman, the DJ and four best friends during those fateful hours.

The filmmakers have an offer out to Russell Brand to play the DJ. Read full story »

Jessica can’t wait for MacLaine

Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown-Findlay can’t wait to see Shirley MacLaine and Dame Maggie Smith acting together.

The Hollywood star is joining the hit ITV show’s third series as Martha Levinson, the mother of Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern), and Jessica’s character Lady Sybil’s grandmother.

Jessica said: “I’m really excited. It’s going to be hilarious, just these two unbelievable actresses in one room, Maggie and Shirley.

“It’s going to be really good fun. I’m really looking forward to it, what a great person to have in the cast.”

Downton Abbey is now a huge hit in the US as well after winning a Golden Globe.

Jessica said: “It’s wild. I was in LA last week and people had told me that a lot of people liked it over there, but I had absolutely no concept that the hype was as realistic as it actually is. People are REALLY into it.”

Her character Lady Sybil has moved to Ireland after marrying chauffeur Branson and has become a mother.

But Jessica is hoping Sybil remains a wild child in the next series.

She said: “I want to dance a Charleston. That would be cool. We’ll see.”


InStyle (UK) – March 2012

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The Evening Standard British Film Awards 2012

We love the pomp and circumstance of Downton Abbey: the drama, Maggie Smith’s acid-tongue insults, the brilliant costumes, the stellar cast. And while the on-screen antics keep us all talking, we find ourselves talking about the characters’ off-screen lives too, case in point: how good did the Downton girls look at the Evening Standard British Film Awards last night?

Joanne Froggatt hung up her maid’s uniform for the evening and stepped out in a lace Alessandra Rich gown for the awards bash at the London Film Museum, while Jessica Brown-Findlay, who plays Lady Sybil, also opted for a lace-collared black gown from the rising London-based designer.

Not to be left in the shade, the Abbey’s Lady Cora – Elizabeth McGovern looked red hot in a scarlet prom dress at the event which saw the newspaper honour British film talent.

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Jessica Brown-Findlay’s My London

By Lucy Hunter Johnston

Home is…
Cookham in Berkshire.

Where do you live in London?
Islington. I live with a flatmate and I want to get a rabbit and call him Gerald.

What advice would you give to a tourist?
Don’t stop walking suddenly on the Underground, someone will walk into you. It really annoys me.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive back in town?
Wrap up warm, put on The Beatles’ Anthology and walk into Soho.

Which shops do you rely on?
Fopp for reasonably priced music. Rough Trade for vinyl. Bar Bruno in Wardour Street is the best old-school caff in London; I like to people-watch with a £1 cup of tea. Annie’s vintage clothing in Camden Passage, N1, is beautiful. I could eat everything off the menu at The Breakfast Club in Angel.

What’s the most romantic thing someone’s done for you?
Hold my hand while walking through the city, letting me show them all my favourite places while putting up with my jokes.

Who are your heroes?
George Harrison and my mum. When Harrison died I was on a school trip; I was inconsolable and my mum had to pick me up. The world is a more beautiful place because of both of them.

Which is your favourite club?
I adore The Lexington on Pentonville Road for music and table football.

How would you like the opening line of your obituary to read?
‘Her jokes were s*** but we laughed anyway.’

Which animal would you like to be?
A dog, so I could sit on a sofa and get constant attention.

What’s your earliest London memory?
My parents would slow down as we drove past Harrods so I could stare at the displays. For years I didn’t realise it was a shop, I thought it just had nice windows.

What’s the best meal you’ve had?
I had the most amazing steak at The Wolseley recently. It was made even more exquisite by the company. I might have been with my boyfriend…

Do you have a recurring dream?
I used to dream that I was being chased and ran so fast I took off and no one could catch me.

Tell me something I don’t know about London…
There are seven noses in Soho; if you find all seven, it means infinite wealth. So far I’ve only tracked down two.

What do you most like wearing?
A skirt, shirt and brogues.

What’s your biggest extravagance?
Each time I finish a job, I buy a ring. By the end of my career I’ll be weighed down with hundreds if I’m lucky.

If you could live in any building, which would it be?
I studied at Central Saint Martins. The old building on Charing Cross Road is empty now. It should be full of artists, so I’d live there with my friends.

What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?
I’d play music on every street and give everyone free tea. You can’t be in a bad mood with tea and good music.

What was the last play you saw?
Ian Rickson’s Hamlet, with Michael Sheen. It really stays with you.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
The director Niall MacCormick said, ‘No one knows what they’re doing, we’re all just making it up as we go along. It’s OK not to know; that’s the fun of it.’

What was the last album you bought?
The Tallest Man on Earth’s latest.

What are you up to at the moment?
Eagerly awaiting the scripts for the third series of Downton. I’d like my on-screen sister Edith to find love.

Which is your favourite London shop?
I have a weakness for Liberty. It’s something both my mum and my bank balance would prefer me to curb.

What are your best London discoveries?
The people that I’ve met. In the countryside I never quite felt I’d found people I fit in with. Then you come to a city like London and find people just like you. That’s special.

Where did you last go on holiday?
I had a day’s holiday in Brighton recently. We ate fish and chips and I lost money in the arcades. I’m desperate to go to Cuba before it all changes.

The third series of Downton Abbey will be out later this year. Albatross is out on DVD on Monday


All Access On The Set of “Labyrinth”

Watch the video OVER HERE.

Katie McGrath: I play the character of Oriane, who is Alais’ older sister. She’s kinda like the wicked sister. Y’know, if it was Cinderella, I’d be the ugly stepsister. I mean, you’ve seen Jess. Yeah. It was a great day when that happened.

Gallery Update

Along with many other beautiful photos, today we bring you rare HQ stills and behind the scenes photos from the fourth episode of Season 2. They’re exclusive to DowntOnline, your #1 source for everything Downton Abbey. All credits and our gratitude go out to my lovely friend Nicole.

‘Downton Abbey’ star Jessica Brown-Findlay talks war, romance

On the wildly popular PBS costume drama “Downton Abbey,” Jessica Brown-Findlay plays Lady Sybil Crawley, the free-spirited youngest daughter of a British earl. This season unfolds against the backdrop of World War I, and there are many changes afoot at Downton Abbey. The sprawling family home has been converted into a convalescent home for wounded officers, and idealistic Sybil has discovered a new sense of purpose through work as a nurse. She may have also found love with Branson, her family’s hot-headed Irish chauffeur.

Speaking with the same posh, velvety diction as Lady Sybil, Brown-Findlay opened up about her character’s forbidden romance, why she would love to play Edith, and her starring role in the indie film “Albatross,” now in limited release.

The second season of “Downton Abbey” has quite a different feel, doesn’t it?

There’s a weight to the second series because of the war and how much it changed everyone’s lives. Everyone has to kind of roll with the punches far more than they did before. Before it was just a set of rules, and everyone just got on with that.

Sybil really appears torn about Branson.

There are many things she needs to take into consideration with that because obviously that kind of pairing, if she was to do that, she’d have to give up a lot in her life so it’s a big arc. She struggles with that hugely whilst also just desperately trying to help with the war effort. For me it was far more challenging emotionally to do, which is great. Read full story »

Radio Times Covers Party 2012

- Radio Times (UK) – January 28-February 3, 2012
- Radio Times Covers Party 2012


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New Outtakes from ES Magazine (2011) Photoshoot

Laura Carmichael and Jessica Brown Findlay talk series 3

DowntOnline Exclusive: Stills and BtS from 2×02 (HQ)

Today, we’re bringing you rare HQ stills and behind the scenes photos from the second episode of Season 2. They’re exclusive to DowntOnline, your #1 source for everything Downton Abbey. All credits and our gratitude go out to my lovely friend Nicole.

- Downton Abbey > Season 2 > Production Stills – 2×02 (HQ)
- Downton Abbey > Season 2 > Behind the Scenes – 2×02 (HQ)

Jessica Brown Findlay’s Sybil Liberties

By Esther Zuckerman

In the first season of Downton Abbey, Lady Sybil wears harem pants. It’s a scandalous move: the rest of the women in the aristocratic family central to the period drama are dressed in gowns to dine. Her grandmother—the dry, snobbish and hilarious Dowager Countess, played by Maggie Smith—looks aghast. As Sybil smiles smugly, she joins the ranks of edgy female television heroines: a sort of distant cousin to characters like Lindsay Weir and Rory Gilmore. (The pants, it should be noted, have their own Twitter feed.)

The 4.2 million people who watched the American premiere of the second season last Sunday saw Sybil decide to join the World War I effort and become a nurse. The actress who plays Sybil, Jessica Brown Findlay, told us she much prefers wearing the nurse costumes to eveningwear.

Brown Findlay, 22, is making a habit of playing convention-defying young women; her role in the film Albatross, out tomorrow, sees her as an aspiring writer who carries on an affair with a friend’s father. We talked with her about her roles, the lamps of Downton Abbey, and her start as a ballet dancer.

ESTHER ZUCKERMAN: Congrats on the return of Downton Abbey to America, though I guess it must feel like it’s been done for a while for you.

JESSICA BROWN FINDLAY: Yeah, it’s great. I suddenly realized the other day that it was coming out on Sunday. I woke up to a couple of messages from friends I have in the States. Read full story »

Colin Firth Hosts A Special Screening Of “My Week with Marilyn”

Last year’s Best Actor Oscar-winner Colin Firth is throwing his weight behind another British film as the Awards season kicks off.

The 51-year-old hosted a screening of My Week With Marilyn in London last night, and held court with the stars of Downton Abbey.

Firth rubbed shoulders with the ladies of the manor at the event, held at the Covent Garden Hotel.

His onscreen wife Helena Bonham Carter was also in attendance, as was My Week With Marilyn star Zoe Wanamaker.

The trio appeared to be having a great catch-up as they lounged on the couches inside the hotel’s private screening room area.

Elizabeth McGovern, Jessica Brown Findlay and Michelle Dockery were joined by fellow Downton Abbey actor Hugh Bonneville. Read full story »