Kate Mosse, the author of Labyrinth posted about the filming of Jessica’s first scenes for the miniseries. Spoilers for those who have not read the book!

The following day, though, summer was back.  With temperatures pushing 29 degrees at midday, we decamped to the beautiful little town of Lagrasse, some 30 km from Carcassonne, to film the first of the 13th century scenes – the scene where Alaïs finds a dead man in the river (the label for his costume in wardrobe was wonderful!). It was extraordinary to see the quiet determination of the Czech actor (with wet suit and nose plugs) under his medieval robes and the stunt man in the water with him and Jessica Brown Findlay, perfect as Alaïs – beautiful, poised, other-worldly – walking in a beautiful sage green robe along the river bank with mist (from wonderful machines) being generated behind her to give the impression of a dawn in 1209.