Obsessed With Film posted a review of Albatross, giving it four stars out of five! Click the link to read the full review.

Emelia (Jessica Brown Findlay) has something of a gift for effrontery. She is not scared to say what is on her mind. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, nor miss an opportunity to shock a stuffy, boring adult. Her surname is Conan Doyle, and she introduces herself as the great-great-granddaughter of Arthur Conan Doyle. Like him, she wants to be a writer. She comes into the life of Beth (Felicity Jones) when Beth’s parents hire her as a cleaner for their Bed & Breakfast. Beth is well-educated, polite, and well-behaved. The girls are both 17; of the two, Beth is the one who has never drank, or had sex.

Anyone who has seen a coming-of-age movie before, particularly a British one, will see where this is going; Emelia is the influence that Beth needs to come out of her shell, and maybe Emelia can learn a thing or two from Beth as well. “Albatross,” an entertaining new movie from director Niall MacCormick, follows their friendship during this formative year. There is nothing particularly original about its plot, so it comes down to the scripting, direction and acting, and all three are surprisingly engaging.