On the next Downton Abbey
The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won't.

Jessica Brown-Findlay – BAFTA Brits to Watch: Interview

Behind-the-Scenes Featurette on “Albatross”

Video from the Jonathan Ross Show

“Downton Abbey” Related Clippings, Vogue USA, The Independent and The Hunger Photoshoots

Big thanks to Lorna for her scans. The Hunger – Behind the Scenes (2011) Vogue (USA) – December 2011 The Independent (2011) Downton Abbey Related UK Articles – 2011: Evening […]

Vanity Fair – December 2011

“Abbey” Row — The strenght of Downton is all character”, Julian Fellowes says when asked why we love his phenomenally successful Downton Abbey quite so much. There is a perfect […]

Radio Times (UK) – October 29-November 4, 2011

Will they ever find love? Exclusive interviews with the Downton sisters! Scans: Radio Times (UK) – October 29-November 4, 2011, big thanks to Lorna

“Downton Abbey” Related Scans, TV Times Scans and New “Albatross” Stills

Scans: What’s On TV (UK) – October 15-21, 2011, big thanks to Lorna Scans: TV Choice (UK) – October 15-21, 2011, big thanks to Lorna Scans: TV Easy (UK) – […]

Albatross star sings the Island’s praises

Date Posted: 17/Oct/2011 15:56 By: Tessa Hawley ONE of the stars of Albatross – a film shot entirely in the Isle of Man – has described the Island as “stunning”. […]

Meet Jessica Brown Findlay

By Emily Cronin | Posted: Fri 14 Oct 2011 The star of Downton Abbey tells us about her new film project, and what it’s like to wear those costumes… As […]

InStyle MEETS: Downton Abbey and Albatross actress Jessica Brown Findlay…

InStyle chats to Downton Abbey actress Jessica Brown Findlay about her new movie Albatross and of course the goings-on at Downton! InStyle chats to the gorgeous actress Jessica Brown Findlay […]

Several New UK Scans

Scans: Daily Express (UK) – October 8, 2011, big thanks to Lorna Scans: The People (UK) – October 9, 2011, big thanks to Lorna Scans: Independent (UK) – October 6, […]

Jessica Brown-Findlay will be on Steve Wright radio show tomorrow

Tomorrow, 14:00 on BBC Radio 2 Steve, Tim Smith and Janey Lee Grace try and out-trivia each other with more brain-busting Factoids and interview more amazing celebrity guests – today […]

The “Downton Abbey” girl who loves to shock

Saturday October 8,2011 By Garth Pearce IN DOWNTON Abbey her character of Lady Sybil is so genteel that she has to be taught how to make a cup of tea. […]

Lady Sybil’s doomed Downton romance

Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay has said Lady Sybil’s world will be destroyed if she pursues her love for chauffeur Branson. The headstrong character – who has shunned her […]

Our Fair Lady

By Ella Alexander 07 October 2011 DOWNTON ABBEY‘S Jessica Brown Findlay says in the August issue of Vogue that the blue Valentino dress she wore in the magazine’s Heirs And […]

SugarScape Interview: Video & Screeencaptures

My partner in crime Sarika made screencaptures from the video interview for our viewing pleasure. Online and Interviews: SugarScape (2011)

The Lady is a champ: Why everyone is talking about Jessica Brown-Findlay

The actress stars in Downton Abbey and takes the lead role in a new film ‘Albatross‘ By Kaleen Aftab Thursday, 6 October 2011 Jessica Brown-Findlay has an exuberance that is […]

InStyle (UK) – November 2011

Night Shades — Jessica Brown-Findlay goes to the make-up dark side. Scans: InStyle (UK) – November 2011

Daily Mail, Radio Times & What’s On TV Scans

Scans: Daily Mail (UK) – October 1, 2011, big thanks to Lorna Scans: Radio Times (UK) – October 8-14, 2011, big thanks to Lorna Scans: What’s On TV (UK) – […]

Downton Abbey’s Lady Sybil Shows Wild Side

Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown-Findlay has revealed her wilder side in her debut feature film, Albatross. The actress, 22, who plays Lady Sybil Crawley the hit ITV drama has ditched […]

Jessica Brown Findlay Twitter Takeover

By Charlotte Duck Hello everyone – Hope you enjoyed episode 3 [of Downton Abbey] last night but get ready for a totally different character in @albatross_movie @DowntonAbbey1 How does your […]

Sunday Express S (UK) – October 2, 2011

Scans: Sunday Express S (UK) – October 2, 2011, big thanks to Lorna

Glamour UK – Q&A with Jessica Brown Findlay on Twitter

Jessica Brown Findlay, star of #DowntonAbbey & @Albatross_Movie, is answering Twitter Qs on 3rd Oct. Get Qs in early using #AskJessica Source: @GlamourMagUK